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Visual Modeling Software.

Improve business agility with model visualization

Models are essential for assuring architectural soundness. Visualization of models helps organizations improve comprehension, communication, and documentation value.

Design patterns for repeatable project success

Create and reuse proven industry-standard design patterns to ensure higher quality applications and promote the use of successful blueprints. Less rework from design errors later in the development life-cycle means greater team efficiency.

Help stakeholders stay in sync

Essential capabilities include automatic document generation, reuse of software assets, rapid propagation of changes through refactoring, and unique LiveSource technology.

Leading-edge modeling platform

This platform provides a collaborative approach to modeling enterprise architectures so that requirements, architectures, designs, and code are always in sync.

Unified Modeling Language

Model-Driven Architecture and data modeling systems in Micro Focus Together incorporate Unified Modeling Language (UML) for all-purpose systems modeling.

LiveSource technology

LiveSource is a model storage mechanism that uses programming language source code to manage elements and eliminate unnecessary work.

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