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Chapter 12: Product Summary

This chapter provides an overview of the IMS/ESA features supported by IMS Option. In general, the features described relate to the DL/I programming language and general application considerations.

12.1 Overview

The following chapters provide additional product specifications:

In these chapters, when a feature is listed as supported, it means it functions in IMS Option as documented by the manuals provided with IBM's IMS/ESA version 4.1 manuals. Please contact your sales representative if you have a question on any feature listed or missing from the IMS Option manuals.

12.2 Supported DB Features

DL/I calls:

CICS DL/I calls:


Dynamic rollback and database sharing with record level locking. See the chapter IMS Fileshare Databases for details.

Database access types:

Database segment types:

Miscellaneous DL/I features:

12.3 Supported TM/MFS Features

DL/I calls:

System service calls:

Transaction types:

Deferred and Immediate message switches

3270 device support:

MFS facilities:

12.4 General Unsupported Features

12.5 Unsupported DB Features

12.6 Unsupported TM/MFS Features

The following are TM/MFS features which are not supported:

12.7 Miscellaneous Product Limitations

There are three product limitations:

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