Migration Cookbook

Table of Contents


Part 1: Welcome to Mainframe Express!

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Using Mainframe Express
Chapter 3: Migration Procedure
Chapter 4: Environment Variables
Chapter 5: COBOL Compiler Directives
Chapter 6: AMODE

Part 2: COBOL Workbench

Chapter 7: Migrating from COBOL Workbench
Chapter 8: Editing and Animating (Debugging)
Chapter 9: Data Tools
Chapter 10: File Handling
Chapter 11: Your Mfextmap File

Part 3: Add-ons to COBOL Workbench

Chapter 12: Migrating from CICS Option
Chapter 13: Migrating from IMS Option
Chapter 14: Migrating from XDB
Chapter 15: Migrating from Host Compatibility Option
Chapter 16: Migrating from MF/370 Assembler

Part 4: Front-ends to COBOL Workbench

Chapter 17: Migrating from MVS Workbench
Chapter 18: Migrating from PROXMVS

Part 5: Backward Compatibility

Chapter 19: Migrating from Mainframe Express 1.1

Part 6: Glossary and Index


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