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Copyright and Trademarks
Setting Up AccuRev®
The AccuRev Repository
Backing Up the Repository
Restoring the Repository
Archiving Portions of the Repository
Moving a Workspace or Reference Tree
Moving a Depot
Removing a Depot
Moving the db and site_slice Directories
A Word of Caution on Windows Zip Utilities
Storage Layout
The AccuRev Server
AccuRev User Identity of the Server Process
Starting the AccuRev Server
Server Configuration File
Server Logging
Server Watchdog
Controlling Server Operation
Open Filehandle Limits and the AccuRev Server
AccuRev Server Performance
Using Multiple AccuRev Servers
Configuring the Web User Interface (Web UI)
System Clock Synchronization
Detecting System Clock Discrepancies -- Timewarp
Fixing System Clock Discrepancies
Timestamp Optimization (TSO)
Archiving of Version Container Files
The ‘archive’ Command
The ‘reclaim’ Command
Attempts to Access Archived Versions
Using ‘hist’ to Research Previous ‘archive’ Commands
Restoring Archived Versions -- The unarchive Command
Replication of the AccuRev Repository
AccuRev Licensing in a Replication Environment
Installing and Configuring AccuRev in a Replication Environment
Setting Up a Client Machine to Use a Replica Server
Using a Replica Server
Triggers and Replication
Creating New Depots
Synchronizing a Replica Manually
Automating Replica Synchronization
Synchronization Security
The replica_site.xml File
Moving the AccuRev Server and Repository to Another Machine
AccuRev Security Overview
Users and Groups
User Authentication
Locks on Streams
Access Control List (ACL) Permissions
Element-Level Security (EACLs)
Restricting Access to Commands using Triggers
Which Security Feature Should I Use?
Implementing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption
AccuRev Triggers
Pre-Operation Triggers
Post-Operation Triggers
Triggers in a Replication Environment
Preparing to Use an AccuRev-Provided Trigger Script
Enabling a Trigger
The Trigger Parameters File
Trigger Script Execution and User Identities
‘Administrative Users’ in Trigger Scripts
The Trigger Log File
Disabling Triggers
Using Streams to Enforce Process
Example: A Simple Use Case
Implementing Gated Streams
Implementing the server_master_trig Trigger
Creating Gated Streams
Working with Gated and Staging Streams
The ‘maintain’ Utility
‘maintain’ Command Reference
Backup/Restore of the AccuRev Repository
Removing a Depot from the AccuRev Repository
License Management
How Flexible Licenses Work
Enabling License Management
Configuring Multiple AccuRev Servers
Replication Server Licenses
Additional RLM Documentation
Using Client-only Install Packages
Code Page Support