Details Pane

The Details pane shows either the AccuRev elements in a selected directory, or the results of an AccuRev search. The Search field in the Folders pane shows the name of the search, or <none selected> if a directory's contents are shown.

Information displayed on the Details pane includes the element's name, AccuRev status, and version. Click a column header to sort items in the list by that column.

The following commands operate on the selected element. You can select only one item at a time.

GUID-46AA602E-5DDE-490F-BAA0-071C4D4C783F-low.png Open

Opens the selected item. For more information, see Using the Open Command.

GUID-92FEE06B-CDBE-4080-915D-8A0489794819-low.png Save As
Runs your browser's Open command allowing you to open or save the selected file. See Save As.
GUID-1A804FDF-6797-4AA1-988C-D2927B543D96-low.png Promote
Opens the Promote dialog box to send the current version of the element to the parent of the current stream. See Promoting Elements.
GUID-62839332-7F6F-49E3-A1A9-A94C9720A73E-low.png Annotate

Opens the selected item in Annotate tab. See Reviewing Changes to Text Files.

GUID-FA010F3B-2D33-4C82-BFEF-BD9692AAFB7E-low.png History
Shows the history of all elements in the History Browser tab.
GUID-7B548796-8BB3-4A01-91DB-E9B7BBAD0CDC-low.png Version Browser
Opens the Version Browser showing the versions of this asset in the repository.
GUID-AD5091DE-E01D-4F5C-9629-7C9C5A780836-low.png Diff
Compares this file to its basis and shows the results in Diff tab. See Diffing Files in AccuRev.
GUID-339FE89C-1170-45F0-90CC-73F01531E4EC-low.png Properties
Displays the Properties dialog box for the selected item. See Displaying Element Properties.
GUID-7FA65A12-C412-4B4B-8D1D-50984BB400B6-low.png Code Review
If enabled by your administrator, allows you to create a code review for the selected file, or add files to an existing code review. See Submitting AccuRev Elements to Code Review for more information.