Restores a file with (missing) status to your project. To locate such files, use the Missing element search, see the documentation for the Searches Tab.

The Populate command copies the version currently in the workspace stream (in the AccuRev repository) to the workspace. For more information, see What’s the Difference between Populate and Update? in AccuRev Technical Notes.

Invoking the Populate command displays a dialog listing the files and directories to be populated. Use the checkboxes in the Populate column to choose which of the listed items will be populated.

There are two other controls at the bottom of the dialog:

For each item in the list that is a directory, perform a Populate command on that element and on all elements below it.
For each item in the list that is a file, replace the file (if any) currently in your workspace.

If this checkbox is not selected, no files will be overwritten.