Searches Tab

In the Searches tab, you can search for items based on their AccuRev status, and execute commands on search results items.


To perform a search, click a button on the tab’s toolbar. The items that satisfy the search criterion are displayed in a table, with these columns:

Visual Studio file type.
Location within the workspace.
AccuRev status indicator(s).
AccuRev version-ID.
Overlap Stream
AccuRev stream containing the overlapped version.

The tab’s toolbar includes these additional buttons:

Updating Search Results

Clicking a button again reruns the search. If you change an element’s status within Visual Studio (for example, by editing a file) while the Searches tab is loaded with search results, the results table is updated automatically.

Running AccuRev Commands

You can run AccuRev commands in the Searches tab by selecting one or more items, then right-clicking to bring up a context menu. A command in enabled only if it applies to at least one of the selected items. The Searches tab commands are the same as those available in the Solution Explorer, with the addition of Defunct and Locate in Solution Explorer. See AccuRev Command Reference for full descriptions of the commands.