Printer Settings Dialog Box (Print Screen and Capture)

Printer Name

Select the printer to use if you are sending data to a printer.

Click Options to format printer output such as headers and footers.

Capture to File

Sends captured data to a file. By default the file is created in your InfoConnect user data folder This folder location is configurable using the Data Location tab during installation. The default is C:\Users\username\Documents\Micro Focus\InfoConnect. using an automatically generated file name.

Click Options to view and/or change the output file, and to specify whether or not to append new content to an existing file.

Capture to Viewer

This option sends captured content to the same file as Capture to File. However, when this option is selected, when you stop the capture, Notepad opens and displays the captured text.

OK and Capture

Save the configuration options and send the data to the specified destination.

To save the configuration options but not send the data to the specified destination, click OK.