Capture Data in ALC, UTS, and T27 Sessions

In ALC, UTS, and T27 terminal sessions, you can use the Capture command to send data from the host to a printer or to a file on your Windows system.

NOTE:You can also capture and print screen data using the Screen History productivity feature, which supports additional features for using captured data.

To capture screen data

  1. Start a ALC, UTS, or T27 session.

  2. Start Capture.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.

    User Interface Mode


    InfoConnect Ribbon

    On the Session ribbon, from the Capture Data group, click Capture.

    InfoConnect Browser

    From the InfoConnect menu, expand the Capture item, and then click Capture.


    Tap the Wrench icon and then under Tools, select Capture.

    Classic MDI

    From the File menu, select Capture.

  3. In the Capture Printer Settings dialog box, you can select a printer for output, or select Select Capture to File or Capture to Viewer.

  4. Click OK and Capture.

This initiates a continuous capture of data received from the host. Each buffer of data received from the host continues to be sent to the specified destination until you stop the capture.