Advanced Options Dialog Box (Print Screen and Capture)

The options available in this dialog box depend on whether you have configured printer of file output in the Printer Settings Dialog Box (Print Screen and Capture).

Print Mode

Select the option that indicates when to send data to the printer.

For printing a single screen, the data is always sent to the printer immediately, no matter which option you select here. For capture, Standard is used automatically, and this option is dimmed (unavailable). For host printing, the appropriate option varies, depending on how much data the host sends in a single buffer. If your print jobs appear fragmented, click Standard and increase the Printer timeout value. If all the needed data is sent within one buffer, you can speed printing by clicking Standard and decreasing the Printer timeout value, or by selecting Quick.



Spool the data internally and then send it to the printer after the amount of time specified in the Printer Timeout text box has expired.



Send the data to the printer immediately.

Printer Timeout

Type the number of seconds (0-99) that InfoConnect should wait before sending data to the printer. Available only if you click Standard from the Print Mode list box.

Enable Line Wrap

Select this option to have long lines of text wrap to the next line on the printout.

If you clear this option, long lines are truncated. The point where truncation occurs depends on the font, font size, margins, and paper size you are using.

Enable Passthrough Printing

When passthrough printing is enabled, data is sent directly to the printer without being interpreted by the printer driver or emulator.If you select this option, it is recommended that you use only Generic/Text Only printer drivers for all printers.

Translate data

Select this option to use a translation table for the data being printed. Click Translate to select the desired translation table.

Translation tables are installed to InfoConnect_program_folder The default on English language systems is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 64-bit systems and C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 32-bit systems. \Translation\ENU.

The default printing translation table is CRTOLF.TBL, which converts a carriage return character into a line feed character.

If you clear this option, no translation table will be applied to the data being printed.

No Form Feed At Job End

Select this option to eliminate extra blank pages at the end of a printing job.

Enable passthrough printing option must be selected in order to select this option.

NOTE:Print Line Attributes, Print Color Attributes, and Print Video Attribute, do not apply to single screen printing or capture.