Smart Transfer File Type Dialog Box

This dialog box appears when you have selected the Smart transfer method and you are transferring a file with an undefined file type. Specify what transfer method you want to use for files with this file extension.

NOTE:Save your settings file to add this association permanently to your Smart file transfer list.

The options are:


Use ASCII transfer for text files, such as .txt and .html.


Use binary transfer for binary files, such as .exe files and .doc files. Binary files are not converted or translated during the transfer.


Use Tenex (also known as "Local 8") if you're moving files to or from a server that uses a non-8-bit byte, such as the DECsystem-20.

Always ask user

Select this option if you always want to be asked how to handle files with this extension. For example, you might want to select this option if the same file extension is used for different file types.

NOTE:This option is not available if Always ask user has already been specified for this file type.