MATIP Host Configuration Dialog Box


To modify or delete a configured host, select it from the list and then make the changes you want.

IP Address

To configure a host, enter the 4-byte Agent Set Control Unit (ASCU) cluster address or type the name in the Host Domain Name box.

Select IP Rollover when...

Host Domain Name

Enter the host name with no spaces.


From the menu, select the level of security you require to encrypt the host connect.

Reflection Certificate Manager

Click this option to use certificates managed by the Reflection Certificate Manager to authenticate host connections.

Verify host certificate name

Validates the certificate by ensuring that the name on the certificate is the same as the host to which the connection is being made.


Determines whether a certificate can be trusted by making sure that it isn't included in the Certificate Authority's certificate revocation list (CRL).


Determines whether a certificate can be trusted by having an online certificate status protocol (OCSP) responder respond to certificate status requests. The OCSP returns one of three digitally signed responses: "good", "revoked", and "unknown". Using an OCSP removes the need for servers and/or clients to retrieve and sort through large CRLs.

Connection Status Query (Optional)

Interval (sec)

This value determines the number of seconds between connection status queries.


This value determines the number of consecutive unanswered connection status queries made before deciding that the MATIP session is broken.


Select 4 Byte to use the full ASCU address (H1, H2, A1, A2) in the message headers.

Select 2 Byte to use only the last 2 bytes of the ASCU address (A1, A2) in the message headers.


Click this to delete the current Host Configuration information.


Click this button to import a configuration file (.CNF) with the ALC terminal tool or host filter settings.