MATIP Path Configuration Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure a MATIP path for ALC and UTS sessions.

Creating a MATIP path automatically configures both the MATIP and the TCP/IP Transport.

Host Name

Select a pre-configured host from the list or click Add/Configure Host to configure a new host by providing the domain name or the IP address.

MATIP Address

Enter the 4-byte Agent Set Control Unit (ASCU) cluster address. (For more information, see your MATIP system administrator.)

Alternate Addresses

Click to enter up to four MATIP addresses for use with the corresponding rollover IP addresses.



Enter the station identifier (SID). This is a hexadecimal value and the terminal identifier in P1024C protocol. This field is only used with a UTS host type.


Enter the device identifier (DID). This value is optional and used for UTS printing only. When this is set to zero (the default value), any DID is allowed at the MATIP protocol layer.



(ALC hosts only) Enter the hexadecimal terminal address. This is the terminal identifier in P1024B protocol.


Select the host type specific to the ALC mainframe system you are connecting to.

Terminal Type

Select the terminal type you're using with this path.

Use ID Manager

Select this option to enable ID Management and then click Configure ID Manager to open the configuration settings. This option, which requires an installation of a centralized management server, eliminates the need for administrators to create configurations for each and every client.