Create and Use Additional T27 Print Services Configuration Files

The T27 Print Services Utility uses printer configuration saved to a print services configuration file A file use by T27 Print Services to view and manage host printing. Each configuration file contains settings for up to eight print environments. The default configuration file is STDCFG.ATM. . By default, it opens and uses an installed configuration file called STDCFG.ATM. If you want to create additional configuration files, you can use any existing configuration file as a starting point for creating a new file.

To create a new T27 print services configuration file

  1. Open the T27 Print Services Configuration Utility.

  2. If the configuration file that you want to copy is not already open, open the desired file (File > Open).

  3. Use File > Save As to save and name the new file. You can now edit the new file and save your changes.

To run T27 Print Services using a non-default configuration file

Use any of the following options to specify the configuration file you want to use:

  • From a command line, include the configuration file name after the executable file name. For example: pmgr32.3xe my_cfg.atm.

  • If you create a shortcut or icon for T27 Print Services, include the configuration file name after the executable file name on the shortcut's or icon's Properties dialog box.

  • From the Windows registry, modify the ConfigFile value for the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Attachmate\Accessory Manager\InterCom Print Manager key.

NOTE:A configuration file specified on the command line or in a program's shortcut, takes precedence over any file specified in the Windows Registry.