T27 Print Services Configuration Utility

Use the T27 Print Services Configuration utility to specify how T27 Print Services communicates with the host and to configure how printing is handled from that host.

T27 Print Services configuration is saved in a print services configuration file A file use by T27 Print Services to view and manage host printing. Each configuration file contains settings for up to eight print environments. The default configuration file is STDCFG.ATM. . By default, the utility opens the STDCFG.ATM configuration file.

When you run the T22 Print Services Configuration utility, the application window displays a column of buttons for each print environment A set of configuration options that represents one host connection and determine how printing operates from that host. that has been defined for the current configuration file. (The names of the print environments do not appear in the application window. Instead, each print environment is identified as Ev 1, Ev 2, and so on.) Each print environment represents one host connection, and the configuration of the print environment determines how printing operates. For example, you can configure a print environment to use a particular InfoConnect path and to activate automatically. That way, you can begin printing host data simply by running Print Services.

The configuration options also determine whether Print Services sends the data directly to a printer; sends the data to a temporary spooled file that can be manually saved, printed, or deleted; or stores the data on a local Windows file to be printed manually later.

Each configuration file can contain up to eight print environments.