Printing with GraphX

In addition to accepting plotting commands from the host, you can print from your Windows system to the default printer.

  1. Select or put the focus on the picture window.

  2. From the File menu, choose Print.

    The images created by the host application for display may not always be suitable to send directly to a printer. For example, the host may print white text on the UTS 60 default black background. When this image is sent to a printer which has a default background that is white, the white text will not be visible. In this situation, use one of the following solutions:

    • From the Picture Preferences dialog box, select Print Inverted Gray Scale. This converts the light shades appropriate for the UTS 60’s black background to dark shades which are legible on white paper.

    • Create and specify a printing configuration file where the parameters selected will produce better print results.

    After you send the image to the spooler, the Windows Print Manager may display a dialog box requesting a response. This dialog box is often hidden, so you may need to select the Print Manager and respond before the print job can complete.