Using Graphics Mode in GraphX

When the parent accessory receives the command from the host to enter Graphics Mode, it automatically establishes a local connection with GraphX and sends the remaining graphics commands to the accessory.

If the accessory is not active when the connection is attempted, it is executed. If it is already running, either a new instance of the accessory will be started for the session, or a new MDI window will be opened within the active accessory for the new session. GraphX processes the graphics commands and displays the image. The local connection path name is displayed in the title bar of the active window.

A connection remains established until either the parent accessory or the Communications Manager closes it, or until the user closes the GraphX window associated with the connection. When the last window is closed within the accessory, the accessory is terminated.

NOTE:The GraphX accessory accepts only valid graphics commands. The Enter Graphics Mode sequence, ESC Za, and the Terminate Graphics Mode sequence, ESC Zb, are control characters and should not be sent to GraphX. It is the responsibility of the parent accessory to handle the control sequences.