Customizing GraphX

You can customize the GraphX accessory to your system and individual preferences. GraphX provides an accessory configuration file (icc.ini), in addition to individual picture configuration files (*.ugc) for each graphics image saved to a file.

GraphX Accessory Configuration

Configuration settings for the GraphX accessory are stored in the Profile file (icc.ini) in the InfoConnect program folder. The default on English language systems is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 64-bit systems and C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 32-bit systems. The parameters in the [GRAPHX] section of this file are read when the accessory is started and used to initialize the accessory to its previous state.

Picture Configuration

If you want to use a selection of configuration settings that will produce the most suitable results when displaying or printing a specific graphic, you can create your own picture configuration by selecting Picture from the Preferences menu. These picture preference values are retained in a separate picture configuration file (.UGC) if the picture is saved to disk.

You can also specify a picture configuration file to use for printing, instead of the one used for displaying an image on the screen. The default picture configuration is used to set initial picture configurable parameters when a new screen is created, or when a file is loaded from disk that does not have an associated picture configuration file.