Getting Started with GraphX

GraphX allows you to load graphics images that have been previously saved in either ASCII format (.GRX) or binary format (.UGP). When you load the picture, GraphX uses a picture configuration file. The configuration file has the same name as the command sequence file, but has a .UGC extension. If a configuration file is not found, the picture is loaded with the current configuration parameters.

Use the following method to display an image that has been saved to disk.

To start GraphX

When the parent accessory receives a command to enter Graphics mode (ESC Za for OS 1100 MAPPER graphics only), it automatically launches GraphX and creates a local path. It then sends the remaining graphics commands (those that follow the ESC Za) to GraphX. Graphics commands are sent to GraphX until the parent accessory receives a command to leave Graphics mode (ESC Zb).

  1. Double-click the GraphX icon.

  2. Click File > Load.

  3. To close GraphX, click File > Exit or close the parent application (such as UTS or CrossTalk).