Features of GraphX

GraphX allows you to process UTS 60 graphics commands and display graphic images in separate windows, such as those used with MAPPER.

Any application capable of establishing a path with GraphX can send graphics commands to create pictures. When it receives the appropriate command, GraphX displays the image. GraphX can also be configured to send the image to the active printer or plotter after displaying it on the screen.

Additionally, you can display graphics which have been saved to a file and print them at your convenience. When GraphX receives graphics commands it processes them and draws lines, polygons, etc. in the specified picture window. GraphX supports ASCII and binary file formats.

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) capability allows each session established with the accessory to have a separate MDI window associated with it. If so desired, a separate instance of GraphX will be launched for each session.

GraphX allows you to do the following:

  • Display up to 32 graphics images simultaneously.

  • Save graphics images to disk.

  • Load graphics images from disk.

  • Load a picture configuration file for display or printing.

  • Save a configuration file to use for display or printing.

  • Print or plot a graphics image.

  • Copy an image to the clipboard in bitmap format or the ASCII command sequence.

  • Specify a different font for text within a picture.

  • Validate the syntax of a graphics command for troubleshooting.

  • Tile, cascade, resize, or reduce graphics windows to icons.