The Installation Customization Tool

The Micro Focus Setup Program uses standard MSI-based deployment technologies for Windows systems. The Setup Program provides a standard user interface. You can also use Setup to run the Installation Customization Tool, which provides tools to:

  • Customize the installation using transforms (*.mst)

    Because multiple transforms can be created for a given install package, you can create customized installations for separate departments or groups of users, each represented in a transform file.

  • Create companion installation packages (*.msi) to install additional files.

    Use companion packages to install any of the customized files described in Customize InfoConnect.

    NOTE:Using the Modify user settings feature, you can launch InfoConnect directly from the Installation Customization Tool and configure your custom settings. Settings added this way are automatically installed to the correct location.

    Companion packages show up as independent entries in the Windows list of installed applications, and can be installed and uninstalled independently of InfoConnect.