InfoConnect Desktop Installation and Deployment Guide

  InfoConnect Desktop Installation and Deployment Guide
    Key Concepts
      The Setup Program (Setup.exe)
      Customizing InfoConnect Desktop
      Configuring Security
      Installation Customization Tool
      Micro Focus Management and Security Server
      Deployment Options
    The InfoConnect Setup Program
      Feature Selection
      Data Location
      Advanced Tab
    Upgrading from Earlier Versions of InfoConnect
      Working with Your Files After an Upgrade
    Customize InfoConnect
      Session Documents
      Workspace Settings
      Locking Down Settings
        Restrict Access using Permissions Manager
        Control Access with Group Policy
    Configure Security
      Secure Connections
      PKI Auto Sign-on
      Protect Data and Information Privacy
    The Installation Customization Tool
      Setup for Customized Deployments Using the Installation Customization Tool
      Create Setup Customization Files (Transforms)
        Create a Transform that Specifies which Features to Install
        Modify Setup Properties
        Create a Chain Installation to Run Additional Programs
        Apply a Transform to your Installation
      Use Companion Packages to Install Customized Settings
        Create a Companion Package to Install Customized Settings Files
        Where to Deploy Customized Files
        Predefined System Folders
        Use “Modify User Settings” to Configure Workspace Settings
        Use “Modify User Settings” to Change Access Settings
    Manage Sessions using the Management and Security Server
      Create Sessions using the Administrative WebStation
      Deploy Sessions Saved to the Management Server
      Connect to Hosts using the Security Proxy
      Configure Sessions to use ID Manager to Assign Terminal IDs
      Deploy MSI Packages from Management and Security Server
      Enable Usage Metering
    Deploy InfoConnect
      Deploy using the Setup Program
      Deploy with MSI
      InfoConnect MSI Properties
        Properties for Transports and Options
      Publish with Active Directory
      Deploy with System Center Configuration Manager
      Distribute Software Updates
      Remove an Installation
      Repair an Installation
      InfoConnect Product/Feature Table
      Files Used by InfoConnect
      Managing FTP Client and Shared Security Settings after an Upgrade
    Glossary of Terms
    Copyrights and Notices