Installation Customization Tool

The Installation Customization Tool is a special mode of the Setup program (setup.exe). You can use the Installation Customization Tool to create transforms to customize the installer (*.mst) and companion installer packages to install additional files (*.msi).

  • Working with the Installation Customization Tool

    To run the Installation Customization Tool, create an administrative installation point, then run setup from the command line using this syntax setup.exe /admin. You’ll be prompted to choose which mode you want to run in. Detailed help is available from the tool for each panel. For more information about setting up your administrative workstation to work with this tool, see Setup for Customized Deployments Using the Installation Customization Tool.

  • Setup customization files (transforms)

    To create a transform file, choose Create a new Setup customization when you launch the Installation Customization Tool. Use this option to select which features to install, to customize start menu shortcuts, and to configure programs to run automatically before or after Setup.exe. See Create Setup Customization Files (Transforms).

  • Companion installers

    To create a companion installer, choose Create a new Companion installer. when you launch the Installation Customization Tool. Use this option to install additional files. You can specify where to install the files (for individual users or all users) and configure shortcuts to launch files. You can use the Modify user settings option to launch InfoConnect on your administrative workstation, create custom files, and include them in your companion file. This approach automatically installs the files to the correct location. See Use Companion Packages to Install Customized Settings.

    You can deploy companion installers to users by using the Installation Customization Tool to configure the Setup program to run these programs automatically before or after the InfoConnect install. See Create a Chain Installation to Run Additional Programs

    If you have set up a Management and Security Server, you can use it to deploy companion installers. See Deploy MSI Packages from Management and Security Server.