Deploy using the Setup Program

The Setup program (setup.exe) is the recommended tool for installing and deploying InfoConnect. You can have end users run Setup themselves, or you can use setup.exe on the command line to manage customized automated installations.

Customize the Setup installation

When users launch the Setup program, by default they see the user interface described in The InfoConnect Setup Program. You can use the Installation Customization Tool to customize what happens when users run Setup.

To customize Setup using the Installation Customization Tool

  1. From your administrative installation point, open the Installation Customization Tool from a shortcut or by typing the following command line:

    path_to_setup\setup.exe /admin

  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, select Create a new Setup customization file for the following product.

  3. Select License and Session metering and click I accept the terms of the Software License Agreement.

  4. In the navigation pane, select User Interface and click Use this customization with interface installs using setup.exe.

    When you save your transform with this option selected, the Installation Customization Tool automatically updates the setup.ini file to apply the transform to the installation by adding the following line to the [Setup] section:


    You must enable this option if you want to add programs to your installation using the Add installations and run programs panel. When you save your transform after using that panel, the tool creates a [RunPrograms] section in setup.ini with a command to run each added program.

    The modifications made to setup.ini mean that any installation using setup.exe (using either the interactive user interface or using setup.exe on a command line) will automatically apply your transform and run any added programs.

  5. Under Select a user interface level, select one of the following:

    None - Displays no interface.

    Basic - Displays only a progress bar.

    Full - Displays the full Setup program interface.

    (Optional) Select No cancel to set up the install so that it cannot be canceled after it begins.

  6. (Optional) In the navigation pane, select Set feature installation states to modify the installed features.

  7. (Optional) In the navigation pane, select Add installations and run programs to run any companion packages automatically before or after the Setup program.

  8. Save your transform.

After you have made these changes, running the Setup program from your administrative installation point (using either the user interface or a command line) will automatically install InfoConnect with your customizations.

Deploy using the Setup command line

You can use the Setup program command line to install InfoConnect from the distribution image, or from an administrative installation image. You can also include command-line options in a batch file to preset installation parameters, and limit user interaction while InfoConnect is installing. You can suppress installation dialog boxes to provide an unattended installation.

To see a list of available command-line parameters

setup.exe /?

To deploy with default settings

setup.exe /install

To disable user interaction during the installation

To perform an unattended install that displays a progress bar and disables the Cancel button:

setup.exe /install /passive

To perform a silent install with no display:

setup.exe /install /quiet

To deploy InfoConnect and a transform

setup.exe /install TRANSFORMS= myCustomInstall.mst

NOTE:An alternate way to apply a transform is to use the Installation Customization Tool as described above in Customize the Setup installation.

To specify a non-default location for program files

Use the INSTALLDIR property. For example:

setup.exe /install INSTALLDIR=C:\path