Workspace Settings

Workspace settings affect all terminal session and Web page documents opened in the InfoConnect Workspace. For example, you can:

  • Select the user interface mode.

  • Specify what actions occur when users open the InfoConnect Workspace and when they close a session.

  • Specify which help system to use (locally installed or on the web).

  • Configure trusted locations.

  • Configure privacy filters.

  • Configure Centralized Management using the Micro Focus Management and Security Server.

To configure Workspace settings

  • Open the Workspace Settings dialog box.

    The steps depend on your user interface mode.


    From the File menu, click InfoConnect Workspace Settings (under the Recent Documents list).

    InfoConnect Browser

    On the InfoConnect menu, choose Settings and then InfoConnect Workspace Settings.


    Tap the Gear icon and then select InfoConnect Workspace Settings.

    Classic MDI

    From the Options menu, select Global Preferences.

Most Workspace settings are controlled by the Application.settings file. Options in the Information Privacy dialog box are controlled by PCIDSS.settings and PrivacyFilters.xml. Default files are installed to:

InfoConnect program folder The default on English language systems is C:\Program Files (x86)\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 64-bit systems and C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\InfoConnect on 32-bit systems. \Configuration\

Customizations you make are saved to the following location, and these override the default:

InfoConnect user application data folder The default is \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Micro Focus\InfoConnect\Desktop\version. \

For example, you could use the following procedure to deploy InfoConnect using the Classic MDI user interface.

To configure an installation that uses classic menus

  1. Open the InfoConnect Workspace Settings dialog box.

  2. Click Configure User Interface.

  3. For User interface mode, select Classic MDI and click OK.

    This saves your changes to the Application.settings file in your InfoConnect user application data folder The default is \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Micro Focus\InfoConnect\Desktop\version. .

  4. Close and reopen the Workspace to view the change.

  5. Include the modified Application.settings file in your deployment.

Deploying Workspace Settings

To deploy user-specific Workspace settings install Application.settings to the InfoConnect user application data folder The default is \Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Micro Focus\InfoConnect\Desktop\version. .

To deploy Workspace settings for all users, install Application.settings to the InfoConnect global application data folder Settings here apply to all users of the system. The location is version-specific: \ProgramData\Micro Focus\InfoConnect\Desktop\version. . The installed settings file is copied to the user application data folder when the user opens the Workspace.

Deploying Workspace settings using the Installation Customization Tool

You can use the Installation Customization Tool to create a companion package that installs the Application.settings file. Two options for creating companion packages are available:

  • Create a Companion Package to Install Customized Settings Files. Use this procedure to add files to a companion package. This option allows you to install existing files that you have already created and tested. With this approach, you manually set the destination location for the installed files.

  • Use “Modify User Settings” to Configure Workspace Settings. Use this procedure to start the InfoConnect Workspace from the Installation Customization Tool. You can then configure your custom settings. When you click OK in the Workspace dialog box, the Workspace window closes and the modified settings are added to the companion package you are creating. With this approach the Installation Customization Tool automatically determines the correct location for installing the files.

An advantage of deploying settings using the Installation Customization Tool is the ability to modify the Setup program to include your customizations. See Customize the Setup installation.

Deploying Workspace settings using the Management and Security Server

If you have installed the Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server, you can use the Package Manager to upload companion install packages that you have created using the Installation Customization Tool or other MSI creation tools. This tool enables you to designate which packages to install for specific users or groups in your directory server (LDAP/Active Directory).

See Deploy MSI Packages from Management and Security Server.