Managing FTP Client and Shared Security Settings after an Upgrade

If you are upgrading from InfoConnect version 8.1 SP1 or later, you may have some customized information in an Attachmate\Reflection subfolder located in your personal documents folder. Information stored in this folder includes:

  • FTP Client settings (\Settings.rfw)

  • Secure Shell known hosts and non-default Secure Shell settings (\.ssh\*.*)

  • Certificates and settings configured using the Reflection Certificate Manager (\.pki\*.*)

Starting with InfoConnect Desktop version 16, these settings are stored in the same user data folder you use for your session documents and other user-configured files.

If you used the features listed above and upgrade your system to InfoConnect Desktop version 16, you will need to copy your settings from the \Attachmate\Reflection folder to your user data folder.

For example, if you used the default user data folder before the upgrade (C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Attachmate\INFOCNEE), InfoConnect Desktop will continue to use this same location for your user data after the upgrade. If you have any customized content in the Attachmate\Reflection folder, you should copy that content (include all subfolders) to your InfoConnect user data folder. You can do this using the Windows file explorer, or with a command line like the following:

C:\>robocopy /e C:\Users\myname\Documents\Attachmate\Reflection C:\Users\ myname\Documents\Attachmate\INFOCNE