Upgrading from Earlier Versions of InfoConnect

You can install and use InfoConnect Desktop 16 on systems running earlier versions of InfoConnect. When you install using the Setup program:

  • The installer will remove your prior version software before installing the new version.

  • The installer does not remove existing session, macro, or scheme files. After the upgrade, you can continue to use your legacy files.

  • The installer will not remove any product specific registry settings in HKCU.

  • When you upgrade an existing system InfoConnect continues to use your existing locations for application and data files. (When you install on a new system, InfoConnect Desktop uses new default locations for these files.)

NOTE:If you are upgrading from InfoConnect version 8.1 SP1 or later, you may need to move some files manually after the upgrade. If you configured any of the following, see Managing FTP Client and Shared Security Settings after an Upgrade.

  • FTP Client settings.

  • Secure Shell known hosts and non-default Secure Shell settings.

  • Certificates and settings configured using the Reflection Certificate Manager.