Add Trusted Locations

A trusted location is a directory that is designated as a secure source for opening files. By default, Reflection Desktop allows users to open documents only in directories specified as trusted locations in the Reflection settings. Reflection Desktop specifies three trusted locations in the workspace Application.settings file in the program directory.

When you add other locations, these locations are saved in a custom Application.settings file in the user data directory folder. If you add trusted locations, you will need to deploy this file.

To set up a trusted location

  1. From the Reflection File menu, select Reflection Workspace Settings.

  2. Under Trust Center, click Specify Trusted Locations.

  3. Click Add new location and then, under Path, browse to the location you want to add.

  4. To trust all folders within the trusted location, click Subfolders.

  5. To package this file for deployment, see Package Configuration Files.

    NOTE:These settings are saved in the Application.settings file. You can deploy this file to one of the following locations:

    Location for a single user: [AppDataFolder] The full path of the Roaming folder for the current user. The default is C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\. \Micro Focus\Reflection\Desktop\v16.1

    Location for all users: [CommonAppDataFolder] The full path to application data for all users. The default is C:\Program Data. \Micro Focus\Reflection\Desktop\v16.1