Make Centrally Managed Sessions Available to Users

After you have saved sessions to the centralized management server, you can make these sessions available to users who have Reflection installed on their workstation. Users can launch these sessions in the same way they launch locally created sessions. When Centralized Management is configured, each time a user opens the Workspace:

  • Reflection contacts the server and prompts for user credentials (if required by the server).

  • Sessions that are available to the user are downloaded to the user data directory.

To make centrally managed sessions available

  1. Use the Administrative WebStation to create and configure the sessions you want to deploy.

  2. Use Access Mapper in the Administrative WebStation to provide access to specific users or groups.

    If the Administrative Server is configured to integrate with your enterprise directory using LDAP, the Access Mapper operates in a different mode. For more information, refer to the documentation included with centralized management server.

  3. Make sure the users’ Reflection Desktop clients are configured to use Centralized Management as shown in Set up Reflection to Access a Centralized Management Server in the Reflection Help & HowTo Guide. If user workstations are not configured with this setting, you will need to configure and save this workspace setting and then deploy it to users (see Package Sessions and Custom Settings Files).