Modify Theme Dialog Box (VT Terminal Sessions)

Create your own custom theme by modifying and saving an existing theme.

Theme Information

This information is displayed, along with a thumbnail, in the list of themes that appears on the Select a Theme File dialog box.


Specify a title for this theme.


Describe this theme.


Make sure any sound file you want to include is saved in a trusted location. Reflection uses the sound files installed with Windows.


Select the event that will trigger a sound.


Click Browse to specify a sound that plays when the selected event occurs. Click Play to hear the sound.


Font Settings


Select a font from the drop-down box.


Select to apply bold formatting to the specified font.

Automatically adjust font size to fit window

When selected, Reflection adjusts the font to fit the session screen. To specify a particular font size, select Specify font size instead.

Specify font size

Specify the point size for fonts.


Preview box

Displays the specified font and text effects.

Cursor Style



Specify the shape for the cursor.

Enable cursor blink

Select to allow the cursor to blink.

Display Enhancements

These settings control whether display enhancements specified by the host are used by your computer.

Enable blink

Select to allow text to blink.

Enable underline

Select to allow underlined text.

Enable bold

Select to allow bold text.

Inverse video

Select to allow inverse video.

Color cursor

Select to allow changes to the color of your cursor.

Text Color Mapping

These colors are not available for all terminal types.

Terminal item

Click Change to specify foreground and background colors for terminal items. You can specify different colors for different types of fields, such as Normal, Blink, Bold, Underline, and Inverse.

ANSI Color Mapping

These colors are not available for all terminal types.

Terminal graphics color

Click Change to replace standard ANSI colors with the specified colors for all terminal session screens.