ArcSight SmartConnector CE 24.1 Documentation

ArcSight SmartConnector intelligently collect a large amount of heterogenous raw event data from security devices in an enterprise network, process the data into ArcSight security events, and transport data to destination devices.

ArcSight SmartConnector exist for the most common source devices and are tested, certified, and documented against a given range of device versions. The SmartConnector release process generally follows a split monthly/quarterly cycle. While quarterly releases provide new features and support for new source devices that require code changes, monthly releases provide updates to parsing of many connectors.

Before upgrading any source devices, ArcSight recommends that our customers work closely with their IT Operations team and review the latest SmartConnector Configuration Guide for each device to verify if the new device version is certified by ArcSight. To request support for devices that do not yet have a SmartConnector, use the ArcSight Idea Exchange portal. For more information about getting the help that you need with SmartConnector and Parser updates, see ArcSight Customer Support - Help with SmartConnector and Parser Updates.