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Chapter 3: DMSII Support

This chapter describes everything that pertains to the Databridge DMSII Support Library.

What is DMSII Support?

DMSII Support is a Databridge library that retrieves data records from the DMSII database for cloning. The Databridge Engine links to this library to perform database functions such as reading records, switching the audit file, and getting database statistics.

This library is a more standardized approach for accessing the DMSII database than the previous approach which used procedure references that pointed directly at procedures in the actual DMSII database stack (Accessroutines). The latter approach left Databridge vulnerable to any changes made to the DMSII software architecture.

Recompiling the DMSII Support Library.

The Databridge Engine will automatically start WFL/DATABRIDGE/COMP to compile DMSII Support as needed, or you can do it manually using WFL/DATABRIDGE/COMP. For example, the Engine will recompile the DMSII Support Library if the DASDL is updated.

The advantage of compiling it manually is that you can compile all of the Databridge software at once for a new update level. For example, you can compile the DMSupport Library, a tailored DBSupport Library, and the DMSII Support Library under a different usercode or disk family and then switch them all over at once.

To recompile the DMSII Support Library, use the following sample command:


where "DASDLname" is the title of your DMSII database DESCRIPTION file without the DESCRIPTION node.


Be sure you have updated WFL/DATABRIDGE/INCLUDE/SSRTITLES with the correct titles of the compilers for each system software release. Any compiler titles in the DBEngine parameter files are ignored.

Modifying the DMSII Support Library

The DMSII Support Library has no parameters or configuration files. The source code must not be modified in any way or Databridge will not work as expected.

Source and Object Code

The source code for the DMSII Support Library is SYMBOL/DATABRIDGE/DMSIISUPPORT.

The object code is OBJECT/DATABRIDGE/DMSIISUPPORT/dbname/usercode

where dbname is the name of your database and usercode is the usercode of the DESCRIPTION file.

For example: