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Databridge API

This chapter explains how you can use the Databridge API and provides an overview of it.

Databridge API Description

The Databridge API provides access to DBEngine and DBSupport to retrieve structural information, layout information, and data from audit files and a DMSII database.

All Databridge Accessories use the Databridge API. You can use the Databridge API to do any of the following:

  • Write an Accessory (program) that calls DBEngine to perform cloning or tracking.

  • Write an Accessory to retrieve the layout information for a DMSII database.

  • Populate a virtual data set.

    See Virtual Data Sets for information about virtual data sets.

  • Reformat data items in an ALTERed data set.

    See Altered Data Sets for information about ALTERed data sets.

  • Write a formatting procedure to customize the format in which Databridge outputs data set records and use those custom formats with DBSpan, DBSnapshot, or a user-written Databridge Accessory.

    See Formatting Procedures for information about formatting procedures.

  • Write an error handling routine to analyze, log, and display errors and determine how Databridge Accessories respond to those errors.

    See Error Handling Routines for information about error handling routines.