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Chapter 9: License Support

This chapter explains what the Databridge License Support library is and how to use it. The Databridge License Support library (DBLicenseSupport) ensures compliance with the licensed features of Databridge.

Installing License Support

The Install WFL will register DBLicenseSupport as a system library with the function name DBLICENSESUPPORT. To install a new version of DBLicenseSupport use the following command:


where usercode is the usercode where Databridge is installed and family is the pack family. You will also need to do a jobnumber AX QUIT where jobnumber is the mix number of the old DBLicenseSupport. The previous copy of DBLicenseSupport will not terminate until all Databridge programs terminate that are linked to it.

If you DS DBLicenseSupport, it will DS all Databridge programs.

License Key File

DATA/DATABRIDGE/LICENSE contains one or more license keys indicating the purchased features and allowed number of hosts for each feature. This file must be under the same usercode and pack family as DBLicenseSupport. This file cannot be edited directly and can only contain the license key(s).

Use the DBLicenseManager program to add or inquire on license keys. Run it using the following CANDE command.


License Expiration

Licenses expire at the end of a month. There is no grace period. During the month a license will expire, DBLicenseSupport will display a warning message that the key will expire.

Example (2) [0923]>>> Warning: Databridge license expires at month end <<<

If a product is accessed after its key has expired, DBLicenseSupport will display an error message and return an error code to the Databridge Accessory.

Example 9-2 #40784 DBLicenseSupport: ERROR: License for Enterprise expired 2/2015

If you attempt to run a Databridge product from more host computers than are licensed, DBLicenseSupport will display an error message listing the release number and names of the hosts already using the license and return an error code to the Databridge Accessory. For example, if you have a one-host DBEnterprise license and you attempt to run release 6.6 DBEnterprise on host Saturn but DBEnterprise has already been run host Earth, you will see the following message:

Example 9-3 #40523 DBLicenseSupport: ERROR: Enterprise max installs: 1 [Earth 6.6] ==> no license for Saturn 6.6

To resolve a license problem, secure a new license key from Micro Focus and add it to the license file using the DBLicenseManager program License Key File. The next connection to Databridge will automatically use the new key. You can run DBLicenseManager at any time to see the licensed products and what hosts are using them.

License Support AX Commands

You can use the following AX commands with DBLicenseSupport.

The jobnumber in the AX command is the mix number of DBLicenseSupport.

To find the mix number, use the ODT or MARC command LIBS NAME =LICENSESUPPORT=.

AX QUIT DBLicenseSupport will unfreeze. When the last linked Accessory, e.g. DBServer, terminates, DBLicenseSupport will also terminate.
AX STATUS DBLicenseSupport will display the licenses in use by each host and when they expire. For example, the response to a 1791 AX STATUS command might be:

1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport:--- Databridge Licenses in use ---
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 File Transfer on EARTH expires 12/2017
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 Enterprise on EARTH expires 12/2017
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 DMSII Client on MARS (DB66) expires 12/2017
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 Twin on MARS (DBTWIN66) expires 12/2017
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 Client on EARTH expires 12/2017
1791 07:40 DBLicenseSupport: 6.6 Host on MARS (DBTWIN66) expires 12/2017