Sequential Steps

The Life Cycle comprises several steps that are to be performed in the following order:

  1. Definition of environment:
    • Work with Companies - determine whether to enable the backup of a company and, if necessary, create a backup company.
  2. Definition of the Life Cycle phases:
    • Execute Phase 1 (Changed Data Stores Identification) - identify the PDS or schema (DB2 owner) on which the Life Cycle is to be launched. This phase consists of feeding in a guide file that contains a list of files and corresponding I/O areas that have been modified.
    • Execute Phase 2 (Changed Data Elements Identification) - create, on the basis of the guide file generated during the previous phase, a second guide file that contains matches between old and new fields.
    • Execute Phase 3 (Apply Identified Changes) - save, in an appropriate format, the information on files already contained in the Data Express Knowledge Base (for example, sampling rules, associations of classes with data elements, associations of masking routines, test environment creation methods, and definition of combined data elements), analyzes the modified data stores again and applies the previously saved information to them taking the new layouts into account.
  3. Modification of the guide files produced during the Changed Data Stores Identification and Changed Data Elements Identification phases in the following areas:
    • Work with Changed Data Stores
    • Work with Changed Fields
  4. Effective launch of phases:
    • Start Life Cycle Job