Data Express
Installation Guide
Getting Started with Distributed Data Stores
Using Distributed Data Stores with Data Express
Using Extension Technology
Data Express for Distributed Data Stores Tutorials
Oracle Alias Creation
Oracle Wallet
Getting Started with z/OS Data Stores
Product Components
Using z/OS Data Stores
Data Express for z/OS Tutorials
Sample Sessions
Data Masking
Simple Data Subset Extraction
Data Subset Extraction using Referential Integrity and Combined Data Elements
Data Element Sampling
Data Generation
Managing XML and Large-object Columns
Data Masking Guide
Who Should Read this Guide
Data Masking Considerations
Getting Started
Data Masking Main Window
Data Changer Data Store Properties
Data Changer Data Element Selection
Data Changer Data Element Properties
Data Changer - Work with Classes
Data Changer Properties
Set Application ID
Define Unload Output Data Store
Work with Data Changer Jobs
Distributed Exporter
Exit Routines
Appendix A: COBOL Masking Routines Technical Description
Appendix B: C Masking Routines for ODBC - Technical Description
Appendix C: C Masking Routines for OCI - Technical Description
Data Model Guide
Table and Column Descriptions
Sequential Files
Data Subset Extraction Guide
Who should read this guide
Data Subset Extraction considerations
Getting Started
Introduction to Data Subset Extraction window
Work with Groups
New Method wizard
Work with Method
Work with Method selection class/filter properties
Work with Method work with steps
Work with Method method properties
Work with Method elaboration properties
Work with Method define reload rules
Data subset extraction jobs
Distributed Exporter
Distributed Statistics Loader
Work with Method multiple filters
Error Messages
Front End Guide
General Features
Getting Started with Data Builder
Main Window - Work with Data Stores
Work with Data Store Window
Assign an Application ID Window
Add to Combined Data Element Window
Work with Classes
Work with Machine IDs
Work with Companies
Work with Application IDs
Work with Routines
Work with Process IDs
Work with Data Elements
Work with Jobs
New Custom Query Wizard
File Properties
Filter by Data Store
Compare Layouts - Copybook
Sample Graph - Data Sampling
Show Synthetic Data Element Contents
Work with Copybooks
Distributed Loader
Appendix A. Standard Mode
Appendix B. Client / Server Mode
Life Cycle Guide
Process for z/OS Guide
z/OS Toolkit Guide
Data Generation Guide