DB2 database alias creation

Before you can create a DB2 database alias, you must have an IBM Client Application Enabler, and you must have already cataloged all databases you want to access.
  • The connection to the OS/390 system cannot be established through an ODBC DB2 database alias but only through a DB2 database alias (that is, only through SQL Links).
  • If you are using Data Express on Windows Vista and User Access Control is enabled, you must run the BDE Administrator utility as Administrator.

To create a DB2 database alias:

  1. From Windows Control Panel, open BDE Administrator.
  2. Click Object > New.
  3. In the Database Driver Name list, click DB2.
  4. Click OK to create the database alias.
  5. Enter the database alias name in the All Database Aliases pane.
  6. Click Object > Apply.
  7. In the Definition of pane, click in the second column for DB2 DSN to display a list of schemas for DB2 databases that have been cataloged on the PC.
  8. Select the appropriate database schema name, then click Object > Apply.
  9. Verify the DB2 SQL Links Driver uses the correct library to access DB2 Connect 5.2. On the Configuration page, select DB2 from /Configuration/Drivers/Native.
  10. Click in the second column for DLL32 and ensure that SQLDB2V5 is selected.