Job creation

To create a Create Reload job:

  1. From the Work with Jobs window, click New.
  2. In the List of Jobs section, select Create Reload Jobs from reload rules.
  3. In the General section, select the appropriate Machine Id and Company name.
  4. In the File Qualification section, specify values for the following fields:
    Application ID
    The application ID, if applicable.
    DB2 Owner, DL/I DBD
    The owner of the DB2 or DL/I DBD file where data is to be masked.
    File type
    The type of file (ADA, VSAM, DB2, DL/I, GDG, SEQ, or ORA).
    File name
    The name of the file containing data to be masked.
    File version
    If the file is GDG, the version number.
    Record format
    Name of the record format.
  5. Click Apply to submit the job. The Secondary Options window appears.
  6. In the Secondary Options window, select the required Group and Method values, and specify values for the following fields:
    From Step / To Step
    Range of values for a subset of steps for the selected method.
    Reload rule
    Name of the reload rule describing how to generate JCL.
    Submit Job
    Indicator of whether to submit the newly created JCLs.