Distributed Exporter

The Distributed Exporter is a utility that creates and provides necessary information to the Extension Technology so that actual subsetting of your distributed data store can occur.
This utility generates the following files after you have successfully exported from the Data Subset Extraction module:
  • method.rc - Coded content of source and target databases information.
  • method.txt - Information for the environment and the method in it which are about to be masked.
  • filter.txt - All created filters in the test environment.
  • elab.txt - Data that is about to be masked.
  • cbfld.txt - Information about combined fields used in the method.
  • CREATETABLE.sql - list of the tables that need to be masked; a generic CREATE TABLE statement is provided for each table.
  • CREATEINDEX.sql - list of all the indexes for the tables that need to be masked; a generic CREATE INDEX statement is provided for each index.
  • ALTERTABLE_RI.sql - list of all the primary and foreign keys for the tables that need to be masked; a generic ALTER TABLE statement is provided for appropriate primary and foreign keys.
There are two areas of interest when it comes to using the Distributed Exporter with distributed data stores.
  • If you use ODBC-enabled data stores, you can subset across all your data stores with one invocation of the ODBC Extension. This feature is not available with the Oracle Extension.

  • You also have the ability to subset within one distributed data store, as long as a distinct target schema name is provided.

Note: If you use the Distributed Exporter utility on one machine, and do your subsetting on another, make sure that the target ODBC DSN matches the ODBC DSN used for the actual subsetting. Similarly, if you use the Oracle Extension, make sure your Oracle TNS service names match.

To access the Distributed Exporter window, click from the main window.