Load and Classification

Structure load of tables containing XML data, both in XML and in LOB/BLOB/CLOB columns, is performed via direct access DB2 load from the Work with Process IDs window, using the same load process as is used for tables that do not have these types of columns.

Work with Process IDs

XML and LOB/BLOB/CLOB columns are recorded in Data Express as VARCHAR(56), which is required to define a process identifier. In particular, be careful to always set the Access type for XML FILES correctly based on UNLOAD and DSNTIAUL keywords.

For example, the screenshot above cites Unload Data Store Access (UNLOAD), which is to be used for UNLOAD formats. If you are using the DSNTIAUL format, use Unload Data Store Access (DSNTIAUL) instead.

Class definition and assignment are the same as for normal columns. For all XML or LOB/BLOB/CLOB columns that are not being masked, we recommend that you define a special class to assign them to, and to assign them the UDCXML0 "dummy" masking routine.

Note: The information shown here is used only for masking and subsetting. It is not used for loading and cataloging.