Installation Phases

The installation of the Data Express for z/OS module includes six main phases.

Software Setup

This phase creates and populates the libraries containing the installation procedure.

Parameters Selection

This phase allows the editing of the installation procedure parameters. In particular, the alias of the PDSs and sequential files (for example, CLIST, JCL, or DDL) where the product modules will reside is required.

In addition, the following DB2 related information is required:

  • DSN on which the database must be created.
  • Name of the storage group (already existing or to be created).
  • Name of the DB2 database to be created.
  • Name of the owner for the DB2 tables that will be created.
  • Name of the plan and collection to be created.
  • Names of the buffer pools for data and indexes.
  • Plan of the DB2 system DSNTIAD.
  • Plan of the DB2 system DSNTIAUL.
  • Names of the DB2 system libraries (RUNLIB and SDSNLOAD).

Data Set Libraries installation

This phase creates and populates the product libraries. The following requirements must be met:

  • RACF authorizations at the TSO level (create, update, delete) need to be provided to the product PDSs and sequential files.
  • The TCP/IP address of the mainframe must be specified where required.
  • The specified user must be authorized to transfer data from the PC to the mainframe.

User Profile Update

This phase updates the MVS user profile in order to properly work with the product.

Database Creation

This phase creates the product DB2 database.

Note: Skeleton names IURBNDPK and SINCRTAB needed for the bind phase, which can be changed to use an authorization policy different from the standard.
Note: The specified user must be authorized to create the product DB2 database (storage group and database), to create tablespaces, views, indexes, and to execute package and plan binds.

Database Population

This phase populates the product DB2 database.