Phase 1

Phase 1, starting from a list of copies or of new or modified DB2 tables, verifies if they are already in the Data Express Knowledge Base and then produces the list of data stores seen in the Work with Changed Data Stores area.

The list of copies or DB2 tables from which phase 1 starts must be in a sequential file named like the project and group specification and must be followed by the suffix IMPSRC. (For the structure of this file, see chapter IMPSRC sequential FileModified Source in the Data Model Guide.) The file can be produced by:
  • The Data Express Toolkit (See the chapter Load IMPSRC for Life Cycle in the guide Toolkit (z/OS)).
  • The user with a change management system.

Before moving on to the next phase, you must examine the list in the Work with Changed Data Stores area to confirm what Data Express has found, and possibly integrate it with additional information. (See the section Work with Changed Data Stores in the Life Cycle Guide.)