Phase 3

Phase 3 applies all the changes identified in the previous phases and, if required, makes a backup of the old data. This phase also expands all copies or DB2 tables that were correctly expanded by phase 2 (that is only the record with Field Confidence = Recognized and Field State = Executed).

All the information already contained in the Data Express Knowledge Base (for example, sampling rules, associations of classes with data elements, associations of the Data Changer function with routines, test environment creation methods, and definition of combined data elements) are saved and applied to the new structure of the file.

A backup project is useful when all the information about the files that undergo the Life Cycle procedure needs to be preserved.

During the definition of a project, you can define the backup project associated with it. When the Life Cycle procedure is started on the files of a project associated with a backup project, the new file layouts will be visible within the project itself, whereas the information about the file with the layout considered to be obsolete may be retrieved from the backup project.

Note: Only one version for each file is stored in the backup project. Thus, if the Life Cycle causes a file to be modified twice, the backup project will only include the version before last whereas the version prior to that will no longer be stored.