Verifying Combined Data Element Information

In this exercise, you will view and edit combined data element properties.
  1. From the Work with Data Stores window, select a data store that you know has a combined data element. (For this exercise, you can select DELGT. ACCOUNT, DELGT.CCARD, or DELGT.OPERAT.)
  2. Right-click your selection, and choose Open Selected Data Store. For this demonstration, the data store DELGT.ACCOUNT was chosen.
  3. In the List of Data Elements, select the row for the combined data element, right-click, and then click Work with Combined Data Element.
  4. View properties of the system-generated combined data element. Change the Combined Data Element Attributes if desired.
  5. Click Apply or Close as appropriate.
  6. Close the Work With Data Store window.
  7. Continue to the next section.