Context menu

This section describes options you can access by right-clicking a selected data store in the Work with Data Stores area from the Data Changer page.
Open the Selected Data Store
Displays a window that shows all the objects associated with the data store in a Work with Data Store window.
Data Store Properties
Displays a window with all the information about the data store. See Properties- File.
Delete Selected Data Store
Deletes information for the highlighted data stores from the Knowledge Base.
Work with Data Elements of the Selected Data Store
Displays the data elements details window, filtered for the currently selected data store.
Show Synthetic Data Element Contents
Shows information in graphical form about the sampling of data elements within the selected data store.
Schedule Jobs
Shows a submenu used to schedule jobs for the selected data store. (Data Express for z/OS only.)
Export to File
Exports the list of displayed data to a data store of the chosen type.
Filter Active
Independently of the data store selected, applies selections to the list of data stores.