Data Changer page

The Data Changer function is a function of the Data Builder module that enables you to manage the privacy of the data contained in the database of a specified application.

In Data Express for z/OS, you generate a copybook applying data masking logic on the basis of exit routines. Records of the original data store can be omitted in the copybook by specifying filtering user exit.

The Data Changer:

  • Provides a list of the application files having the Data Changer functions applied, which may be filtered according to selection criteria defined by the user.
  • Accesses, completely and/or selectively, all the information available for the selected data store:
    • Details of the record layout.
    • Selection of the data classes defined.
    • Display (also graphical) data element contents.

For more information about the Data Changer, see the Data Masking Guide.

To access the Data Changer, click the tab or click (View Data Stores by Data Changer) on the toolbar.