Implementing Oracle Wallet Support

There is a new parameter in the dxeconfig.cfg file named Identify Externally that identifies the connection criteria. This parameter is at the end of the file in the section applicable to the Oracle Extension only.

The possible values are Y and N. Default value is N.

Data Express will skip the reading of user name and password from method.rc. In this case, the connection to the database, instead of happening in the usual way (using the user and password specified during the “export” phase), will use the configured Wallet (if the Wallet has been configured properly). The system will connect to the database without needing explicit user name and password credentials.
Data Express behavior will remain unchanged and access continues to require a valid user name and password.

The user interface will remain unchanged (and in case of use of wallet feature, the data specified as user and password are ignored ), and the only change needed, from the user perspective, is that in order to use the new feature, you must set the dxeconfig.cfg configuration file properly.

Here is a sample of the dxeconfig.cfg file:

* Data Express Configuration File

Always Drop Table:N
CSV Data Store:N
COBOL Masking:Y
Validate Target Table:Y
Validate Source Schema:N
Enable Logging:N
Hide Progress:N

* These entries are only applicable to the Oracle Extension.

Text Output:N
Data Separator:,
Fields Enclosed By:"
Identify Externally:Y

The dxeconfig file is not used for sampling. In order to use wallet management, you need to specify a –e parameter.

Use the following command to use identification via user and password: Dxestart

Use the following command to use identification via wallet: Dxestart -e