Load Sequential File with DB2 Catalog

The process Load Sequential File reads the DB2 system catalog (starting from the list of tables that need to be loaded into the knowledge base), and then produces the sequential file containing the information needed for the load. After a new Load File From External Interface job is created and scheduled, the sequential file is used when the job executes to perform the load.

For more information about the data inventory process, see the section Data Inventory in the chapter Project Implementation in the Process Guide for z/OS.

For information about the structure of the output sequential file, see the section Direct Access - API Load Sequential File in the chapter Sequential Files in the Data Model Guide.

Note: The filename listed in the FILENAME field can be indicated by a partial name or the special value '*ALL'. The function will then populate all the DB2 tables with the name in accordance with the value specified.

To load the sequential file with the DB2 catalog:

  1. From the Main Menu panel, enter the following command: TSO CUINFIL.
  2. Specify the company name and press Enter.
  3. Insert parameter names into all fields as required:
    Data Set Name Inp

    Name of the sequential file which contains the list of the files that must be loaded into Data Express.

    Data Set Name Out

    Name of the sequential file which will be created from this function, with all the information about the files that must be loaded into Data Express.

    Process Id

    Identifier for the process.

    Select Count

    Type of select to get the total number of records:

    1. select count on DB2 table (slowest).
    2. select on SYSIBM.SYSTBALES (fastest).
    3. select on SYSIBM.SYSTBALES and if there aren't statistics, a select count on the DB2 table is performed.