Importing Referential Integrity Classes

In this exercise you import referential integrity classes by running the BURDDUR (Import Classification From Referential Integrity) job, which creates a referential integrity class and combined data elements, and creates an estimated class assignment for those data elements.

Note: You can also use the Import Class window to import referential integrity classes. However, this mechanism is designed to be used with the New Method Wizard to create a simple method with referential integrity that supports two-level relationships between data stores.
  1. In Data Builder, open the Work with Jobs window (click or access it through Environment > Work with Jobs).
  2. Click New.
  3. In List of Jobs, select the job BURDDUR (Import Classification From Referential Integrity).
  4. Select the DATAEXPRES Machine ID.
  5. Specify DEMO as the name of your company code in the Company name box.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. In the Referential Integrity Interface box, type: URADAR.DEMOT.REFINTEG 8. Click OK.

    The job appears in the List of Scheduled Jobs. The pause symbol indicates that the job is awaiting execution. Once the job has completed successfully, the job is listed with a green check mark.

  8. In your TSO environment, submit the BURDDUR job by using the Submit Client Scheduled Job panel.
  9. In the Work with Jobs area, click the Refresh button to verify that the jobs completed successfully.
  10. Close the Work with Jobs window.
  11. Continue to the next section.