Window contents

This section describes the fields listed in the Distributed Statistics Loader window as shown below:

Figure 1. Figure 16-1: Distributed Statistic Loader

To use the Distributed Statistics Loader:

  1. In the Log file to import box, specify the dxe_statistcs.txt log file name including the directory path where you saved it on your Windows machine.
  2. Click Check Log File to verify that the log file you select is correct.

    The remaining fields in the Distributed Statistic Loader windows populate from information specified from the dxe_statistcs.txt file.

  3. Click Load to load the subset extraction statistics into Data Subset Extraction.

    A Statistic loaded successfully! message is displayed.

    You can view the run-time statistics in various places in Data Subset Extraction. For example:
    • Viewing the List of Elaborations in Step by selecting the appropriate method from the Main Window
    • Viewing the Data Stores Elaboration from the Elaborations tab in the Work with Method window
    • Viewing the List of Elaborations in Step from the Method Overview tab in the Work with Method window

Run-time statistics include the following:

Note: The Reduction in Bytes run-time statistic is not used in the Distributed Systems solution because of the way ODBC-enabled data stores display the record length.